Refine Your Candidate Pool.

Hire Veterans!

Veterans' business skills are well-developed, highly transferable to the workplace, and in some areas, superior to their civilian counterparts'.

Enhance your ability to attract, engage, and convert some of the 360,000 veterans who enter the job market each year by deploying a veteran-specific recruitment campaign.


How It Works

Our Veteran Solution aims to achieve a dual objective. It supports Veterans during their transition to the civilian workforce, and it also helps employers properly engage with Veteran candidates.

Built on a responsive platform which adapts to all devices and platforms, the solution enables employers to deploy a veteran-focused recruitment initiative.

Our Team of experts guides clients throughout all stages of production and remain available to address any needs.

Solution Features


Upon reviewing your internal brand collateral, we facilitate a structured stakeholder working session to discuss your veteran employer brand in depth – dedicating time to brainstorm and explore all aspects of your culture and employee value proposition.


We conduct a thorough analysis to uncover topics of interest to veterans.

We then help you write compelling copy which aims to position you as a veteran employer of choice, and enables you to properly communicate with veterans.


Our Designers work with you to visually represent your veteran employer brand using a mix of real photos - if available - or stock photography. We can also dispatch a photographer to capture a genuine representation of your veteran employer brand.


Our Technologists extract data from your Applicant Tracking System and leverage our advanced technologies which enable veterans to search your jobs using their Military Occupation Codes. Our Web Development Team finalizes the production stage by developing your veteran campaign.


During the course of your campaign, our team remains available to address any issues, while helping you evolve your campaign.